Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tai Chi with a Twist? Yes, if it’s your Waist!

When you feel tired, often your back or waist hurts. When you want to stretch after a long daysitting in front of a computer, you want to turn your waist to adjust. Why is your waist so important to your body?

The waist connects the lower and upper body; it coordinates both your upper and
lower body movements. It helps circulate blood from the upper to the lower body and balance the left and right side of the body. A strong waist is the key to a healthy you.

Tai Chi is all about using the waist to control the movement of your whole body. The complexity of Tai Chi movements turn, twist, flip, stretch, and press your waist in different angle and ways. Tai Chi strengthens and trains your waist to adapt to any physical situation. It also helps develop coordination. Balancing on different body parts helps better release stress from the waist. After a whole Tai Chi form, your waist really gets a great work-out!

Many beginners don’t move their waists much while doing Tai Chi. “Something is wrong if your waist is not moving,” I tell them. “Without your waist, that’s not Tai Chi at all.”

So is this Tai Chi with a twist? More like Tai Chi with a Waist!

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Centrifugal Force in Tai Chi

I have been really sick last few days because of food poisoning from a restaurant; thus, this week’s article will be very short.

One of the many secrets of Tai Chi in real fighting is turning your opponent’s centripetal force to centrifugal force. Think about this when you are doing push hands...

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