Monday, December 30, 2013

Welcome 2014 and a New Beginning

Life is short! Plan your time wisely and see if you have accomplished your goals by the end of each year. If you have a dream or something that you always wanted to get done, you want to try to get it done sooner rather than later. Things can change if you don’t get it done today. I always wanted to visit Master Ma Hong (He was a tenth generation descendant of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan and a classmate of three of my grandmasters). Just as I was telling one of my private students a few weeks ago that I am planning to visit him in 2014, Master Ma passed away on December 22, 2013. Master Ma was a kind hearted old man. People said that he always replied to every letter that was sent to him. He was very patient while teaching his Chen Style Tai Chi. His writings on the new frame of Chen Style Tai Chi are also very detailed and informative. He made a big contribution to the Tai Chi society. He had sent many Chen Style Tai Chi materials to me and my father, which we really appreciated. Master Ma, may you rest in peace.

Zengzi, one of the top students of Confucius, encouraged people to have a conclusion of their day and check if the time of their day has been well spent and if they are productive.  As I mentioned above, I believe we should do the same for our year as well.

Looking back at some of the major events that happened in my life in 2013, I feel that my 2013 was well spent while I also need to make some adjustments for the next year.

1. Huan’s Tai Chi and I have done a bunch for our School and community. I have visited my grandmaster, Cai Feng Xiang in Shanghai and my Yang Style Tai Chi teacher Master Xie Bing Can. Huan’s Tai Chi moved to our own studio within the Cambridge YWCA in February, and we got our own entrance and key in July. We had A Winter Evening of Chinese Dance & Martial Arts: Traditional & Contemporary Movement, Performance & Class, Watch & Learn in coordination with Chu Ling Dance Academy in December. In September, we started a new beginner level 2 class in University of Massachusetts Boston and MIT has finally approved our student Cathy's proposal to lead the creation of the new MIT Kung Fu and Tai Chi club which is taught by Huan’s Tai Chi 's staff. In the summer, we taught our Summer Park Tai Chi class again in Backbay, performed demonstrations for Green Fest, and gave a lecture at Spectacle Island Boston. I also made my first video of Yang Style Tai Chi to post online to benefit my students. I want to thank Dave Watts, Yael Marshall and the other Huan’s Tai Chi staff members for helping to accomplish some of the efforts above. I also want to thank Marie for organizing the summer park Tai Chi to benefit the local seniors.

2. I have spent more time with family and friends.
I also visited a lot of family and friends in a trip to China in January. I no longer feel bad for not seeing them for so long. I also went to two friends' weddings in February and September. I met a lot of close friends individually in October. I did try to squeeze enough time to see my godson as much as possible. I would like to thank all of them for staying good friends and warm family members even though I don’t see some of them often.

3. I traveled to many places which I was eager to see.
In March, I visited New Orleans, the hometown of one of my favorite singers, Louis Armstrong. I also went to Bobsled in Olympic Style and ski at a White Face mountain, where I always wanted to go. In May,  I visited Smokey Mountain and Shenadoah National Park.  In June, I visited Mount Rushmore, Yellow Stone park, and Arches National Park.  I then made my 6th trip of the year to Alaska.  

4. Stay with a natural and peaceful life.
In August, I got offered a piece of land in Somerville community garden after 2 years of waiting period. I did a lot of gardening.   In October, I traveled to New Mexico to experience the green living life in Earthship and volunteered to setup a hot air balloon at Albuquerque’s hot air balloon festival upon a friend’s suggestion.  In November, I made my 8th and last trip of the year. I escaped the cold and visited St Thomas and St John, went kayaking for hours to an island and learned about the environment on the island. I also begin to present Chinese tea ceremony at my Tai Chi studio for another way to relax and calm people’s life.

Life is short. Being healthy and close to family and friends and close to nature will fulfill your life. Here I concluded my year of 2013 and I wish and plan to have an even better 2014. Happy New Year everyone! I hope all your wishes come true and that you will have a healthy, relaxed year filled with joy and spent with your family and friends!

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