Friday, May 23, 2008

Strong Shower, Tai Chi, and Jade Lady

It rained very hard last night. I thought many people would miss class. What a surprise! Almost every one was there. We went over the movement Fair lady Works Shuttles (to four corners).
People are very careful. They wanted to make sure their movements are right. After I gave applications of the movements to them, they have a better understanding and the movement become smooth. Even though I only taught two corners in last night's class, they got some decent information for this movement.
"Some people translate to Jade lady Works Shuttles instead of Fair lady. Character "Yu" means Jade. When we talk about fine and expensive jade, we talk about a jade with fair color and no black spots. A nice jade looks very fair and even. A better translation should be fair lady since a lady is not made of Jade or wearing any jade."

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