Monday, September 21, 2009

4 Forms of Relaxation

Many people talk about ways of relaxation, the simplest and most direct ones I have read is Chen Style Tai Chi Master, Ma Hong’s 4 Forms of Relaxation. Ma mentioned, “ Totally Relaxation includes Quiet Relaxation, Open Relaxation, Sink Relaxation and Flexible Relaxation.”

1. Quiet Relaxation mainly means quieting your mind. Before we start to perform the Tai Chi set in my class, I always allow myself and students to just stand on the Preparing form for while, it gives us time to quiet our minds. When your mind can quiet, then you can concentrate and not put any stress on your Tai Chi.

2. Open Relaxation means to open the joints and sections of your body ( see my blog article on 8 sections and 9 joints) When the joints are open, then the Qi (energy) can passing through your body as you wish.

3. Sink Relaxation is used in all the movements. For example, your elbows sink down/ drop down, shoulders sink down, knees sink down/bend and feet sink down to the ground allows you to relax more.

4. Flexible Relaxation extends to three areas. For Example: If your arm can stretch further, you will have more room to move your arms, or you become more flexible with your arm joints. This Arm Flexible Relaxation includes area one, flexibility between arms joints, area two, the maximum length to stretch the arm ligament, and area three, arm’s muscles’ bouncing flexibility .

Master the 4 forms of relaxation will help you totally relaxed while doing the Tai Chi form.

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