Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Uniqueness of Lu Yu's Tea

When we talk about Chinese Tea, Lu Yu is one of the tea masters we talk often. Not only because he published his book “The Bible of the Tea”, but also he had a very interesting life. Lu Yu was an orphan. He didn’t even have a name and got his name from the Daolist bible “The Bible of Change” when he did “Gua” on reading himself. The name Lu Yu means feather on ground. His pen name ( in tradition, sophisticated Chinese has a pen name) Lu Hong Jian means, giant bird landing gradually on ground. It made you feel that he has set up a big goal for his future. He was adopted by Zi Ji Monk. The words Zi Ji mean accumulation of knowledge. Zi Ji found Lu Yu a very smart boy, so he started to teach him Buddhism bible when he was nine; however, Lu Yu was not interested at bible study. He liked to write poetry himself. Zi Ji blamed him on not studying the bible and sent him to clean the floor and bathroom. At age of thirteen, Lu Yu can’t stood Zi Ji’s rule and left the temple without noticing Zi Ji. Since Zi Ji always drinks the tea made from Lu Yu, he stopped drinking tea after the departure of Lu Yu.

Dai Zhong, the Tang Empire heard of this and found it’s hard to believe. He had the best tea master from the country made a cup of tea for the Zi Ji monk. Zi Ji had one sip and stopped drinking. Empire secretly got Lu Yu in to the palace and made tea. This time, Zi Ji drank the whole thing and cried, “This tea tastes exactly like what Lu Yu made for me.” Lu Yu then came out and met with Zi Ji monk again.

Do you have any unique skills just like the tea made by Lu Yu? What are they and why are they so special?


More on Lu Yu:

Lu Yu love friends, his friends includes Li Bai (Shakespeare of poems in China), Du Fu ( The king of dramatic poems) and Yan Chen Chin. ( The king of calligraphy, his is one of my father’s favorite, I was told by my father to mimic Yan’s calligraphy when I was little, unfortunately, My calligraphy still need a lot of improvement unlike my father’s.)

Lu Yu also believed a person should never be late for an appointment with a friend. I agrees with him on this because this is a true gentleman should do.

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