Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mastering Your Tai Chi Move

An MIT study on how we learn movement showed that although students can visually absorb an entire move, their pupils only focus on small areas. Students can repeat the movements within these small areas very well, but they often have trouble understanding the move as a whole.

Because Tai Chi involves coordinating the whole body, it’s hard to imitate a move correctly if you only focus on part of it. In order to learn a move successfully, you need to step back and watch the entire move several times. Pay attention to the movements of both the upper body and lower body, the left and right sides, and how they move and coordinate together.

Try to imitate the move and ask your teacher for feedback. Notice the areas you need to work on. Have your teacher do the move again. Concentrate and focus on the areas that you have missed. Ask your teacher how your body should feel when you doing the move correctly. Practice it again and have your teacher correct you. Once you have it right, practice as many times as it takes to do the entire move without thinking.

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