Monday, May 9, 2011

Wisdom of Confucius Brings Thoughts on Tai Chi Learning

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Confucius is famous for his teachings on self-improvement and learning. Here are some of his words to brighten our day.


Confucius said, “With any three people walking, one can be my teacher.” What he means is that one cannot judge a person by his or her appearance. In any situation, you might find someone who has more knowledge than you in some areas. Respect others and learn from the strength and knowledge that each person brings.

To my Tai Chi students: Can you learn something new from your classmates, from either their strengths or mistakes?


Confucius said, “I’m lucky to have others to show that I have mistakes.” Confucius thinks it’s essential to correct your own mistakes and to accept the mistakes of others. He suggests that we don’t blame people for their past mistakes.

To my Tai Chi students: Don’t feel ashamed to have made a mistake. Actually it’s a good thing! If you can identify a mistake, it means you’ve found an opportunity to improve. Be glad and excited!

Act on Learning

Confucius thinks it’s OK to learn slowly, but it’s not OK not to act.

To my Tai Chi students: After you learned from the class, did you practice and review? It’s OK to progress slowly in Tai Chi, but you must move forward every day.

Debriefing: Checking In On Yourself

Sheng Tzu was one of Confucius’s top students. He learned Confucius’s wisdom very well.

Sheng Tzu said, “I am simpleminded. At the end of each day, I only check myself on three items:

1) Did I make my best effort to finish the work I have been processing during the day?

2) Did I try to do what I have promised to my friends?

3) Did I review and study the knowledge my teacher has taught me?”

To my Tai Chi students: Enough said above. Did you make your best effort in learning Tai Chi and doing it as you promised to yourself during the class? Did you review and practice at home what you learned from your teacher?

As a conclusion, we can see that being humble, facing your mistakes, acting, and stopping and self-checking are some qualities that Confucius would exhibit if he were taking a Tai Chi class.

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