Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sword dance after hearing the rooster

Zu Ti (祖逖) and Liu Kun(劉琨) were famous generals in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

When they were young, they were roomates. They like to discuss how to help other people and their country.

One night, they heard a rooster singing at midnight. It’s considered to be bad luck in China to hear a rooster singing in the mid of night.

Zu Ti said, “This is not a bad sound to hear. Let’s get up and practice swords.” Liu Kun agreed. From that moment on, they got up every day when they heard the rooster sing in the early morning. They either practice swords together or studied. Later, they learned enough to become knowledgeable in both martial arts and politics. We call this story “Sword dance after hearing the rooster.”

When you can’t get up early enough to do your Tai Chi, think about the midnight singing rooster.

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