Thursday, December 10, 2009

Find Peace within Nature

李白: 望廬山瀑布
View of a Waterfall at Mount Lushan
By Li Bai (701-762): Translated by Andrew W.F. Wong

Sunlit is the Incense Summit, aglow in smoke and steam;

To afar, like a drape that glitters, a waterfall hangs upstream:

Flowing, flying, fluttering ~ plunging three thousand feet,

As if ‘twere the Silver River, falling from the heaven supreme.

This is one of my favorite poems by Li Bai. Although I haven’t been to the Famous Lu Shan, but I have been to many waterfalls here in new England. It’s very rewarding after a long hike, to reach the beautiful waterfall. I found it’s very pleasing and relaxing being in front of a waterfall. Negative ions and fresh airs flows around you. So quiet without any people around, yet noisy because of the sounds of water , but quieter because there are no other sounds. This is the power of nature. It relaxes you as opposed to man made things such as computer, phone and car. Only things in nature are truly beneficial to you; The real taste of food without any chemicals or spices. If you want to have a longer and more relaxing life, stay away from the computer, TV and cell phone( check your email only once or twice a day, silence your phone), stay close to nature. Visit your city park, go hiking, go canoeing, do your Tai Chi.

You can also try to bring nature to your home by having plants, or a little aquarium, and get a copy of a New Calendar I made - The Flow of Nature - Wisdom of Lao Tzu. Have a fun and relaxed Holiday and New year.

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