Monday, July 27, 2009

How to have a better quality of your Tai Chi?

I have finished teaching the whole 85 Yang Style Set to the intermediate class a few weeks ago. I was planning to give some Push Hands class or Tai Chi weapon forms to them after. Last week, these students requested not to do that but to go over the first few forms again. This is a really good gesture, because now the students really understand quality is detail. They know they have the structures but there must be a lot of small details missing.

A lot of people try to learn Tai Chi from the DVD, but they are only getting the basics. The real Tai Chi is 3 dimensional. You can’t learn Tai Chi just from seeing the front and back view of a teacher. You are not doing exactly the same things the teacher is doing. Seeing in more detail and correcting by the teacher is the most important thing you can get from a real class. Repeating the correct movement is another key to perfect your Tai Chi. It’s essential that a good teacher will also tell you how you should feel in your body when you doing the right move.

A lot of students want me to publish a DVD in addtion to my book, I am still struggling if I should do one. No wrong ideas should be given if I publish one. Of course; people should not expect to learn the whole Tai Chi from this DVD but for students to have it as a good reference.

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