Monday, July 27, 2009

Tai Chi or Socialize?

Last week’s class was pretty tough since my assistant teacher left early for the class because of personal things, but I want every one get enough attention. There are two type of students, one type will practice even you are not there, and the other type will stand, watch and only do the movements when you lead them. It’s the second type cause this situation. I have half and half. I kept telling the second half, if you can only do Tai Chi when your teacher is leading, when will you catch your own fish? Try yourself and then ask your teacher to correct is the good way to perfect your Tai Chi. You had enough talking with your friends at home and other places. We don’t need to hear here in Tai Chi class. We want hear questions related to Tai Chi. The situation is getting better but still we have few people here and there. I guess for people who want socialize, we can have a self practice class, that they can help each other and socialize with each other. How’s that sound??

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