Thursday, February 25, 2010

A 7 years old saved a life

Sima Guang (司馬光) (1019-1086) was a Chinese historian, scholar, and high chancellor of the Song Dynasty. When he was seven years old, he and few other neighbor kids were playing in the backyard. There was a big round fish tank. There was a kid climbing on the tank to play along, accidentally fell into tank. The tank was very tall. Other children didn’t know what to do. They were frightened, crying, or ran outside to find adults for help. Sima Guang quickly picked up a large stone from the ground, thrown to the tank’s body. It smashed a big hole on the tank body, Water came out and the kid had drowned in the water was saved by him.

Some of us are beginners of Tai Chi. We might be only seven years old in Tai Chi years or even less. How can Sima Guang view this incident in a different angle than other kids did? Can we view our Tai Chi in a different angle, think differently, and find a unique way for ourselves? That’s a lot to think about.

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