Friday, April 25, 2008

Late for Tai Chi

I was very relaxed as always, at a restaurant and enjoying my dinner and then a phone call interrupted me. "hi" I heard. It was David C. I immediately realized its Thursday night and I am supposed to teach the Tai Chi class. "The whole class is waiting for me! Aww!" We had a holiday Monday in Boston and I was in Amherst for part of the weekend. Somehow, I thought yesterday was Wednesday. " Will they be ok without me?" I thought.

After I get on my car and hurried to the studio, I saw people are having fun doing Tai Chi.

David Grant, the beginner class teacher was teaching some movements there. I found out that Eric has lead the warm ups, and then David C. has lead the Chi Kung exercise. Things were working well without me. People felt so comfortable to share their knowledge with each other. I took my time, went to the bathroom and washed my hands. Slowly, I walked in with a wonderful smile ( showing only eight teeth J ), trying not to interrupt this good atmosphere. People started to laugh friendly after they saw me, they are so understandable. Their laugh has so many confidence that tells me they are doing well so far.

I have taught some students before that they only will do some movements if you lead. They don't share with others. If you want improvement, keep doing it even the teacher is not here. If you want to be better, share with others, such as your classmate, so both of you can getting better. Sometimes, late for a class for a teacher is a good thing!

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