Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shall we close our eyes while doing Tai Chi?

The answer is “no”! Let’s explain why you feel more relaxed by closing your eyes. And why it’s not good and how can we relax yourself using other way.
People find they can relax more while they close their eyes. During Tai Chi, we don’t just need to be relaxed, but have a structure. We don’t want too relaxed. If you are too relaxed,you will be like a mud on the ground. Then you are totally resting. Tai Chi is moving while resting. You feel more relaxed while you close your eyes is because when you see things, you will think things. You can’t relax because you have too much things in mind. A good solution is to keep your eyes open but think less in mind. Concentrate on your moves but think non-related things to Tai Chi.

If you consider Tai Chi as a Martial arts, don’t you think you defiantly will get beaten if you fight with eyes closed? : )

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