Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tai Chi and Fears

It’s been raining for last two days. Hope it didn’t kill the seeds I planted. Am I worried about the plants or I just love the natural or flowers?
As the classic book “Think and Grow Rich” written By Napoleon Hill mentioned,

People have 6 fears.
1. The fear of POVERTY,
2. The fear of CRITICISM,
3. The fear of ILL HEALTH,
5. The fear of OLD AGE, and
6. The fear of DEATH.

I thought I don’t have any of these above, because I have been poor, I have been criticized, I have been sick, I have lost love, and I know it’s human nature we all going to die in the future, I have been on the edge of life and death at least three times. Now, it’s funny to think about sometimes, I am still worried on the flower seeds I just planted. As Napoleon mentioned, worry is based on fear, so I guess I still have fear in my life. In a human society, your joy of life is related to others. When you care about people, you worry. When you care about people, you fear. For example: I was worried what students would do when I was late for class last Thursday.

Why people doing Tai Chi? There are so many reasons people told me.
“It’s really cool.”
“It’s fun and healthy.”
“It can make my life less stressed and healthy.”
“It can make me more flexible when I am older.”

All of these applied to three of the six fears
3. The fear of ILL HEALTH,
5. The fear of OLD AGE, and
6. The fear of DEATH

If Tai Chi can conquer 3 fears for you out of total 6 human fears, isn’t this a great activities to do?

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